My writing career – the short version:

I began my career writing articles for newspapers, magazines and journals. I wrote a strange variety of articles with no apparent connection other than the fact that I wrote them: humor pieces about parenting, features about Christian surf dudes, and round-up pieces featuring holiday gift ideas. I also spent three years ghostwriting trade journal articles for executives in the banking, lending and marketing industries (a bit of a yawn … I know. Lol). I’ve also written ten novels (five for the traditional market and five as an indie), I have worked as a production editor inside an 80-year-old publishing house, and more recently, as a freelance editor for a variety of publishing houses.

Formerly trad – now indie/hybrid:

When I switched to the dark side (as some of my insider friends call indie publishing), SO many people helped me learn the ropes (sorry about the cliche!). I also gathered a ton of insider info while working for a publisher. Finally, in 2016, I began paying it forward by teaching new indie authors what I have learned along the way. By their questions and insights, many have taught me some new tricks as well!

In case you’re wondering, I sometimes refer to myself as a hybrid author because I have published both traditionally (with an advance- and-royalty paying publisher) and independently (with me as the big kahuna 🙂 )

To learn more about my novels~some are beach-themed and others are cozy mysteries~you can find them listed on my author website: