As promised, here is the photo of three women I chose to represent the heroines of Chocolate Beach (Bri), Truffles by the Sea (Gaby), and Mocha Sunrise (Livi).

Problem #1: Color.

Problem #2: I had no idea what to do about it.

So I consulted with my daughters and decided that the green had to go AND there needed to be some fun pops of color here and there. After all, these are fast-moving romantic comedies. No lackluster stories here 🙂

So, here’s the next cover that designer Roseanna, came up with:



Definitely LOTS of color. Even Roseanna conveyed her trepidation over all that, um, color! My initial reaction was YESSSS … but after some tossing it around with others, I decided that the explosion of color would be perfect for a children’s book, but maybe not for fun women’s fiction.

So after another consultation with my patient and creative daughters, I went back to my long-suffering cover designer and asked that some of the color be tamed. At that point, several covers were batted around, until finally, a decision was made.

And voila! Here’s the cover I ended up choosing for The Chocolate Beach Collection (The Chocolate Series):









By the way, some distributors don’t allow 3D covers, like the one above. So for those (iTunes or Smashwords, for example), you’ll want to have a flat cover made as well:

The Making of a Cover ~ Part 2