Let’s start at the beginning. This quick start guide assumes you have written your book, had it edited, have rewritten your book, and finally had it proofed. All important stuff! In other words, you are ready to GO.

Note: This is a “what” post, not a “how-to” post. It helps to see all the steps for publication (not marketing!) in one place. So … once your manuscript is ready for public consumption, here is your checklist for what must happen next to see it in (virtual) print:

  1. Open an account at Amazon, aka Kindle Direct Publishing (https://kdp.amazon.com). I suggest starting here for two reasons:
    • Seeing your shiny account on KDP will motivate you to do steps 2-7.
    • Amazon is king in the e-reader department, so start there. If you plan to make your eBook available at other vendors, such as BN (Nook), Apple (iBook) and Kobo, you can do so after conquering the king. (TIP: Have your bank account information handy so you can tell Amazon where to send all your royalties.)
  2. Format the manuscript for eBook distribution (epub and mobi files). You can do this with a program like Scrivener or have it professionally formatted. (More on this in subsequent posts.)
  3. Write metadata for your eBook: title, subtitle (if any), series name (if any), book description, keywords, and author bio. (Strong metadata is crucial, as this information drives the data about the eBook that you are selling into readers’ hands.)
  4. Create a cover. (More on this in subsequent posts.)
  5. Upload your first eBook by opening your KDP dashboard (link above). There you will upload your manuscript file (epub or mobi) and your cover. You will also add the metadata that you wrote earlier here, and pricing information as well.
  6.  Submit your eBook for sale.

Each step is a process in itself. You’ll want to keep this checklist handy so you don’t miss a step along the way. Exciting times ahead!

eBook Publishing Checklist: A Quick Start Guide