Can you really create, publish and sell your own eBooks fast? 

Well, you certainly can do it slowly—as I did. After my traditional publishing contracts slowed, I began dabbling in indie publishing in 2011 (before it was cool). With only a little extra time available, I managed to learn enough to publish a few books and to build a decent side income, too.

At the beginning of last year, though, I made a decision to focus more of my energy on the business of e-publishing. And 2016 is the year that I made as much money indie publishing as I did when I was selling my books traditionally through royalty-and-advance paying publishers.

Did you catch that? … as much as I made as a traditionally pubbed author!

With your zest for learning everything you can about indie publishing (you’re still reading this, aren’t you?), I know you can find the success you are looking for, too.

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~ J

Learn, Focus, Publish … Succeed
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